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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To GYM or NOT To GYM?!?

I know there are pros and cons for going to the gym. It seems like the most common reason people LOVE the gym is because they get to workout with friends or other people...making it more of a social experience. However, I hear a lot of griping about using the gym. I'd definitely fall into that group of individuals. So, I decided to come up with a TOP TEN REASONS WHY I DISLIKE THE GYM!!! Feel free to agree or disagree, but I'm entitled to my opinion!! ;)

So, why do I dislike it so much?!?

# 10 - I have to get dressed to go to the gym!! Really, if I want to roll out of bed and workout barefoot in my pajamas, I can do that at home...the gym won't allow me to show up that way! :P

# 9 - With gas prices on the rise continuously, I'm always looking for ways to drive less and less. I don't live within walking distance of the gym, and I hate getting in my car to drive there. Who cares that it takes me 5 minutes, it takes me 5 seconds to walk to my DVD player/tv!!

# 8 - They've cancelled classes. So, as if # 10 and # 9 didn't bother me enough, there's nothing like getting there only to find out that classes have been cancelled. That's just plain annoying. I signed up because my child wanted to take classes...the ones he wanted to participate in were discontinued. He wasn't old enough to use the equipment on his own, so one more than one occasion I drove there for nothing. I remember an instructor commenting on needing a specified number of people to teach (I'm sure because she wanted to get paid, but I DROVE THERE DRESSED FOR THE CLASS)!!!

# 7 - I don't really want to be social when I workout. I love my friends, but I don't think I push myself as hard as I do at home. I want to talk more and workout less. Nor do I want to listen to someone's cell phone conversation while they are working out!! I see people socialize for 40-50 minutes and then workout seriously for 10-15 minutes (better than nothing I guess), and then, they leave. I'm sorry, but I can't see getting results that way.

#6 - There are hidden fees sometimes. Yes, it's on my contract in itsy bitsy print, but every year, on August 10, I have to pay EXTRA for "club" fees! When I asked what that was, they assured me everyone pays it and that it's to help take care of the club...what on earth are my MONTHLY fees for?!?

# 5 - Have you ever used a piece of equipment that wasn't wiped down? Maybe I'm naive, but I figure that if someone uses a versa climber, weights, etc. and sweats all over them, that the considerate thing to do would be to wipe it down. Is that wrong? I wipe it down when *I* use it, so doesn't everyone...guess not!! All I can say is, YUCK!! Been there...done that...grossed out!!!

# 4 - How courteous are the people who work at your gym? At mine, I've been harassed for wearing a P90X shirt into their gym. Why?!? They guy said the program "sucked" and I was flabbergasted by the comment. However, I asked why he would say that...he said because he couldn't do it. That sounds more like he didn't like the challenge and couldn't keep up with it. I smiled and told him I finished the program and loved it! Usually, if I ask a question and need someone, I'm made to feel like an inconvenience because I interrupted their cell phone call. REALLY?!? Enough said.

# 3 - Now, the gym I belong to game me two free training sessions. They do this, I assume, to help analyze physical conditions of their members. So, for the first session, I was put through a battery of tests. When we sat down, I was told that I was in the EXCELLENT category for all groups. When asked how I thought they could best assist me, I said that I'd be okay with gaining weight and lowering body percentage (toning up more) 5'2" and weighing 110 lbs, I didn't think I needed to lose any more weight. He told me that if I signed up for 12 sessions, he could help me lose 8 lbs. RIDICULOUS on different because he didn't listen to what I said, and two because I now felt like I was there just to pad his pockets. Thanks, but no thanks!! This put a BAD taste in my mouth about trainers in general. I am not certified but have learned lots of information over the last few years. After being told that I knew "my stuff" about nutrition/fitness and was in great shape, I knew that I didn't need 12 sessions or to lose 8 lbs. By the way, I didn't take that second session! ;)

# 2 - The contract. Do I REALLY need to say more? As soon as you are interested, you're locked into a contract. For me, it was TWO YEARS!!! Yes, I think the word SUCKER is stamped across my forehead!!! I can assure you, I'm not locked into a contract. With Beachbody, if I don't like the program, I can return it for a guarantee. With the gym, I think I had 3 days.

#1 - I pay close to $50 per month and NEVER GO!!! Yes, for the contract that I had to sign in # 2, it is over $1200 that I've spent on a place that I rarely visit!! How else could I have spent that money? I could have gone on a trip with my son to Florida to visit family AND bought passes to Disney, Universal, & SeaWorld...I would have enjoyed my money going there MUCH more!! Or, I could have purchased TEN, that's right TEN Beachbody PREMIUM programs like P90X, Insanity, or TurboFire!!! Then, I could workout on MY terms, not locked into a contract, and would have the programs for LIFE!!

Bottom line for me is, I'm GLAD I found Beachbody. They have an assortment of workouts to choose from from $20 up. I can choose workouts to target certain areas of my body or go for an all around toning program. If you need a suggestion, let me know. I have not regretted a single thing, I've returned or requested a refund, and have ALWAYS been met with by the kindest representatives who didn't hassle me or make me feel bad for my return. As soon as my contract is up, I can assure you, it won't be renewed...EVER!!!

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