My Transformation

Saturday, January 2, 2016

I Can Change Now - My Intention

Several years ago, I posted about "breakthrough" being my word for the year and how I was going to make a breakthrough with my ups and downs. never happened.  Yes, I would lose some weight and I'd gain it back.  Next week, I head to Florida to run a 10K with my bonus son (I've done the half marathon for the past two years...I think I'll do that again the next year and hope for a full marathon the year after).  Since my last post, I got married (June 2015) and ultimately, I am happy.  People tell me this is why I gained the weight, but the truth is, I know the struggle personally.  For me, I'll eat well only to find a craving and cave.  Additionally, I have done little to no exercise.  Again, this isn't going to help me reach my goals, so...I'm back to the starting point.

My new word this year is INTENTIONAL.  Things that I will do will be done intentionally.  Now, some think that's odd because everything we do is done intentionally.  That said, I will be focusing on things that I haven't sought answers for.  First and foremost, my thyroid issue.  Doctors know I have a goiter, nodules, and numbers that are off, but nothing has been done, so I'm going to seek answers.  I've also found that when I exercise, I become winded.  It's not in a way that would indicate heavy breathing like climbing several flights of stairs when you're out of shape, but truly winded...I can't breathe or catch my breath.  The last time I spoke with the doctor, he thought I might have developed asthma.  I'll be getting that checked out.  Finally I'll be focusing on my allergies.  I'm going to have one of those places do the test where they pinpoint what exactly you're allergic to.  If I need allergy shots, I will get them.  My goal is not a resolution but to do things with intention for results.

That brings me to the next area.  My health and what I can personally do (and have put on the back burner for too long).  I'll be making conscious decisions on what foods to eat (or more likely to avoid).  I've already gotten rid of most of the junk food in the house, but there is still some.  I'll be drinking my shakes faithfully because when I do, I find myself with more energy and I seem not to make bad decisions as often (not craving junk).  Since I have a library full of workouts, I can choose something and stick with it.  I'm thinking that the new CIZE workout might be fun, but I believe in 21 Day Fix too (I have gotten results with it).  I'll definitely be putting those portion size containers to work for myself.

This brings me to the final area that I intend to work on.  Relationships.  My relationship with my husband is perfect, and I find new ways to love him daily.  We've been together for almost four years, so in that time, we've seen one another through obstacles.  I'm grateful to go through life with him and the journey we're on has been filled with joy! My word two years ago was love, and last year it was harmony.  Both of those were reached.  So, when I talk relationships, it will be about all relationships.  When others take advantage of my kindness, it upsets me.  I won't allow it anymore.  If someone finds that he/she needs to treat me in a negative way, I will intentionally change that relationship.  This will be a challenge for sure.

As you can see, I've got a lot of work to do this year.  I'm trying daily affirmations to keep myself focused, and maybe I need to blog more (for myself).

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!

=) Cheryl