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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Munchies

So, I've decided to start a Monday Munchies post! Every Monday, I'll post something that I've made, something I'd like to try, or something that I think is a good option to eat. The meals are NOT going to include foods just on the top two tiers of Michi's Ladder because I reached my goal, and the meals tend to be low-fat and I watch the carb content and try to add protein. Since lots of people seem to struggle with this, I hope this is useful.

Lots of people who have seen me eat this meal have said that it not only LOOKS good, but it SMELLS delicious too! The added bonus is that my son likes it too!! :)

Chicken & Broccoli Yum with brown rice
335 calories / 4 g fat / 38 g carbs / 41 g protein

1 package Tyson Trimmed & Ready Boneless Chicken Breasts (I think it's more than a pound, but not the oversized one)
1 package of Kraft fat free mozzarella (I think it's about 2 cups)
1 can 98% fat free Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup
1 bunch of broccoli
Success Brown Rice - Boil in a bag

Spray a 2 qt Pyrex dish. Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Put the chicken in the oven and bake until fully cooked (turn after 15 minutes). After turning, make the soup in a pan. When chicken is fully cooked, take it out and cut it into smaller pieces in the dish. Pour the soup on top. Wash the broccoli, cut it into smaller pieces, and toss them onto the chicken/soup mixture. Spread the mozzarella cheese on top and bake until melted. Make the brown rice after the cheese has been added. Cut the chicken/broccoli into 6 servings. Add one serving to 3/4 cup of brown rice.

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