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Monday, July 8, 2013

Where Do I Go From Here?

Well, I'm pretty much putting it out there...I've gained back my weight.  There, I said it.


Who knows.  It could be stress related.  It could be thyroid related (several nodules have been found and my numbers are off).  It could be that I've eaten crap and not exercised (the most likely culprit).  Whatever the case, I can't look back, I have to look forward.  I have to think positively.

I know this weight didn't creep on last night, last week, or even last happened over time.  Well, the time has come to take accountability for make changes.  I've started with drinking my shakes again (I had stopped for a little while).  VANILLA is my new chocolate ( and I'm LOVING it!!  It took Beachbody years to make it...they refused to compromise on ingredients and taste.  I think they nailed it though.  It's given me the energy I've been lacking, it's reduced my cravings for crap, and it's improving my digestion issues again.

Now comes time to for me work on other nutrition...making sure I'm ALWAYS eating right and adding in my workouts.  I know it won't happen overnight, but I know with hard work and dedication, if I decide that the time is NOW, I will commit to doing it right, and I will succeed.  As Johnny Depp so eloquently states, I can choose to close my eyes to what's happened, but I can't close my heart to how it's made me feel.  That needs to change right now...time for a BREAKTHROUGH!!

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