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Saturday, June 11, 2011

If I Told You I'm Dying, Would You Treat Me Differently?!?

While this doesn't directly relate to health/nutrition/fitness, it DEFINITELY can affect all three!!

Well this isn't really about is more about how we act. So often, I see people act, speak, and judge without thinking. Don't think I am pointing a finger, I include myself in this and it eats me up to think I could have and more importantly SHOULD have made a better choice.

How do you honestly know what someone's finances are? When you whisper to a friend, they're just being "tight" do you know if they buy their designer clothes second hand and aren't sure how they'll pay for meals while waiting to get to their next paycheck to arrive. Maybe they didn't squander the money...maybe money they had coming in suddenly stopped for reasons you don't know and the person is embarrassed to share.

Maybe his/her actions towards you have NOTHING to do with you, but still you turn to another and say hateful things, "Can you believe that ____ did (or said) this?" "____ is so selfish!" "Who does _____ this he/she is?" How do you know what that person is going through at home...maybe he/she is abused daily...physically, mentally, verbally...and maybe standing firm on a decision with you is the ONLY form of control the person feels in his/her life.

Then, think about what you say. The words you use can be like a knife...cutting deep. You don't know if there person is at the end of their rope. The words you say can make/break a decision he/she is contemplating! They could be saying "JUMP!" or they could be saying "Don't let go!"

Again, I am NOT perfect, and I don't mean for this to be an attack on anyone. My goal is to reach out to others...if for nothing else, maybe I will make a difference in their them a hand IS there to help if they're willing to grab on, hold tight, and work together.

Maybe people talk about me behind my back. If they do, SHAME on them!! If I talk about others, SHAME on me!! You truly NEVER know what's going on in someone else's life unless they FULLY let you in...try not to a friend.

Again, if I (or someone else you know whether family, friend, coworker, aquaintance, stranger like a friend of a friend) died tomorrow, would you be at the funeral crying because you genuinely cared or because you felt remorseful for the way you COULD have acted when I (or the person) was alive?

I shall work hard to treat you the way you DESERVE to be treated, because *I* only know what you share with me, so there may be unknown reasons for individual behaviors/events/situations directed at me. I kindly request that you treat me the way you want to be treated too!!

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