My Transformation

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Alrighty, first and foremost, if you're not on my team...if you don't have a coach...JOIN's FREE!!! Seriously, I hear people make comments all of the time like, "I love "The Biggest Loser", but I can't lose the weight by myself because I don't have a trainer like Jillian Michaels!" Or "I don't know what to eat! "...," (fill in those dots with any other excuse...I've heard them all). No, I'm NOT a certified personal trainer nor am I a nutritionist, but I HAVE learned a lot over the past couple of years, so please let me share with you what I've learned!! I'm reaching out to's my hand...I've achieved my goal and I want to pay it forward. Ultimately, I want to get you to YOURS!!! If you're STILL not sure about it...maybe my transformation will convince you:

Join my team:

Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty! What's stopping you from achieving your results? If you answered TIME, well then, I have news for're NOT alone! You've got 3 kids, you've got 3 jobs, you don't know how to plan your 3 meals, you need 3 hands (because as we all know, 2 just aren't enough sometimes), and you just wish you had 3 minutes to yourself!! Trust me, I've been there and done that (okay, I only have one child, but I'm a single mom...that has its own challenges). I get it, but maybe I can make this a little simpler for you.

3 is a magical number, so we're going to work with it. Recently, I attended an event in Dallas where I was given the opportunity to workout with Tony Horton...that's right...the one, the only, P90X master...Tony! The workout was a blast, but he did a presentation called the "11 Laws of Health and Fitness" and I took a TON of notes. My handwriting is very small, kind of unibomberish, but the point is, I listened and I LOVED what I heard, so I'm going to share it with you each week.

So what did he say that made such an impression on me? It was the FIRST law, but it included only 3 things (works magically for me). Be creative, stay curious, live one word...VARIETY. If you WANT change, you have to be willing to find a way. Like you, there are others who struggle with finding the time. Some have MORE than 3 jobs, others have MORE than 3 kids, a few may only have 1 hand, BUT they are finding a way to make it work. You make appointments for your kids to see the doctor/dentist, you make appointments to get your hair/nails done, you bring your car in to get the oil changed, so why don't you make time for your workouts?


#1 - BE CREATIVE - Find a workout that you will enjoy and make it your own. If you LOVE cardio, then why force yourself to do strength training? If you want to tone up, then doing cardio isn't going to cut it for you! If you want to see CONTINUED results, then you need to create diversity in your workouts that YOU will enjoy doing and make you WANT to show up every day! Increase your resistance, vary your reps, mix it up with cardio, resistance/weight, flexibility/yoga, core, add inventive!

# 2 - STAY CURIOUS - Are you intimidated to try something new? Why? What's holding you back? What would you do if you weren't afraid? You'd test it out, so DO that! The worst that happens if you attempt something new and don't like it is, you don't do it again. But here's the kicker...what happens if you LOVE it? You're going to do it again and're going to see results! You'll form healthy habits!

# 3 - COMMIT - If you want results, you're going to have to allocate time to REACH your goal. Rome wasn't built in a day, but it WAS constructed because people showed up to get the job done!! There is no room for negotiation. Like Nike's slogan says...JUST DO IT!

PLAN a time that you'll work out. You put appointments on your calendar, right? Make your workout an appointment. Don't be late for it either!! Or do what I do, and set an alert on your cell phone. When the alarm goes off, it's time to get fit!!

Now, if you're saying...I STILL don't have enough time...I'm you have 10 minutes? Then do something 3 times per day for 10 minutes (Beachbody sells 10 Minute Trainer which are 10 minute workouts) or 3 times per day for 20 minutes!! If you have time for television shows or using the computer, then you most certainly have time to exercise. It's a mindset. If you're not willing to THINK a different way, then you won't SEE changes!! Change your thinking by being creative, staying curious and committing...the magic of 3!!


  1. Awesome post Cheryl! I love the picture of you and Tony, and have to say that I'm completely jealous. I would have loved to attend something like that!

  2. Thanks...I'll keep you posted if I hear about future events! :)

  3. Ok Cheryl I am ready to follow your blog! That means you will have to stay committed to your post. I love the idea of staying committed. Through your encouragment I have done so and have lost 25lbs but now I must do what it takes to keep it off. I feel a slight struggle in that area. We will see how it goes.

  4. I have your message to me saved...I plan on blogging FAITHFULLY when I have my laptop back. Without a computer, it has been downright difficult! :(

    As for your weight loss...BIG's a journey...not a destination! Keep doing what you know is right, and you'll keep it off my friend! I believe in you!! :)